Little About Us

Destine Living LLC it is an all inclusive business Empowering People to Thrive in every area of Life because God has destined us to do so. Destine Living is dedicated in Helping people with herbal consultation and education about the body, beauty and fashion, spiritual empowerment (biblical principles) and real estate investment; assisting people with property problems.

“God has Destine you to Thrive”

Philippians 4:13

My Book

God designed your body to not just live, but live to the fullest. In Naturally Healed the Holistic Way: A Comprehensive Guide, author Lakeisha Dale opens your eyes to how you can walk in the divine health God has destined for you to have.

In vain shalt thou use many medicines, for thou shalt not be cured. Jeremiah 46:11

While there is much information out there from health experts and holistic doctors, Naturally Healed the Holistic Way provides you with the perspective of a wife and mother who experienced natural healing through God’s revelation. Dale began studying herbs in 2019, believing that if we are walking on God’s green earth, we should not be sick or bent over in pain. Since then, she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge directly from the spirit of God, which she is sharing with you in this captivating work of natural living. Discover the herbal remedies and natural solutions to heal your body and mind as Dale takes you on a journey to restoring your God-given health.

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